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Actionable insights to help you build Cohort Based Courses (CBCs) 🚀 that your students ❤️

Actionable insights to help you build Cohort Based Courses (CBCs) 🚀 that your students ❤️

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howtocbc Pulse - 'I Do, You Do, We Do 🤝' Framework

🤩 Imagine this, you’re attending a stellar lecture. The lecturer is explaining a really good framework to solve a particular problem.😲 The session is riveting. It’s possibly one of the best lectures you’ve attended. Ever.🤨 Two days pass and you’re noticing a …


howtocbc Pulse - To Create 🎨 or Curate 🖼 ?

For students, it's the age of the Internet, one of information at their fingertips. The problem now is an abundance of information. And it is overwhelming.It’s the same feeling one gets when confronted by ten different choices for milk at the supermarket. Sud…


howtocbc Pulse: Forget Lectures! Think “Learning Units” 🎁 for your CBC!

Lectures are boring. Use Learning Units instead and engage students! Learn how in this issue.


howtocbc Pulse: Market-Course-Teacher Fit 🎯of your CBC

The earliest decision you’ll make as a first time Course Creator is 1️⃣ what are you going to teach and 2️⃣to whom. Not spending enough time testing and iterating on this key decision is one of the most common mistakes🥲 first time course creators end up makin…


howtocbc Pulse: 🚀 Get Ahead with Backward Design

Backward Design is an outcome focused research backed method of course design which starts from Learner Outcomes and works backwards to figure out the steps necessary to achieve these outcomes. What this means is that curriculum content, assessment methods, a…


howtocbc Pulse: Tech Stack for your Cohort Based Course

Here are the 5 main categories of software tools you’ll need to successfully run your Cohort Based Course.⭐ Content CreationAn important step when designing the course is building the curriculum. The tools can vary depending on the type of media used to produ…


howtocbc Pulse: Active Learning Toolkit

Active Learning is a set of techniques of learning and teaching that engage learners through various tasks apart from simply listening to lectures. These methods increase student participation in class and improve engagement with the learning material.


howtocbc Pulse: Learner Outcomes

A learner outcome is a statement that tells the student what they will be able to do by the end of the course. It communicates something demonstrable and measurable. 🔬


howtocbc Pulse: Pedagogy of Cohort Based Courses

Learner Centred Teaching (LCT) is a format of teaching and learning that puts the learner at the centre. At its core, LCT assumes that the process of learning is owned by the learner themselves. The teacher is considered to be one resource amongst many to fac…


howtocbc Pulse: Efficacy of CBCs

The graph contains an interpolation of our data collected over the years across various cohort sizes. Exact data points are hidden to protect institutional privacy.The courses referred above are largely technical courses.The course duration varies between 3-2…


Launching 'Pulse' from howtocbc

Hello fellow CBC creator,Welcome to our fortnightly newsletter howtocbc Pulse, where we share tried and tested tips, actionable insights and useful resources to help you in your journey of creating and delivering CBCs.In this opening letter, we want to introd…