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howtocbc Pulse: Learner Outcomes

howtocbc Pulse: Learner Outcomes
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Hello fellow Teacher-Creator!
It is lovely to see you back in our midst ❤️ 
Last time, we took a peek 👀 at the engine that drives a good Cohort Based Course, Learner Centered Teaching. 
Today we dig deeper into one of the most important tools 🔧 of Learner Centered Teaching, Learner Outcomes💥.

What is a Learner Outcome💥?
A learner outcome is a statement that tells the student what they will be able to do by the end of the course. It communicates something demonstrable and measurable. 🔬
Learner Outcomes
Learner Outcomes
This simple concept has far reaching effects for your Cohort Based Course.
Why are Learner Outcomes crucial for Cohort Based Courses?
👨🏻‍🎓 Student Expectation and Course Experience: Learner Outcomes clarify the goals of the course to potential students in actionable terms. Well defined learner outcomes, if communicated well and communicated often, will help students prioritize their time and energy well, resulting in an efficient and productive course.
👩🏽‍🎨 Course Design: Using Learner Outcomes as the starting point to design assessments and lesson plans will result in a streamlined course which steadily progresses towards its promised outcomes.
💰 Marketing and Landing Page: Be it a headline banner in the landing page or detailed course descriptions in the website, clearly defined Learner Outcomes help craft a consistent message about the course.
🙏🏼 Testimonials: Finally, a thoughtfully crafted course that delivers clear outcomes for learners is a sure shot winner. Hence, it garners detailed and enthusiastic testimonials from students. Furthermore, learner outcomes make it easy for alumni to communicate the value of the course effectively to refer future students from their own network. 
How to write✍🏼 good Learner Outcomes?
A learner outcome should communicate specific and measurable student goals clearly. It should also be atomic and achievable within the time frame of the course. 💪🏼
A simple trick to write a good learner outcome is to use verbs to describe intended outcomes. For research-backed tips to write good learner outcomes and to see examples from various fields, head over to this resource on Bloom’s taxonomy for writing good learner outcomes.
For a more extensive analysis of Learner Outcomes in the context of Cohort Based Courses, head over to our detailed blog.
One more thing…
Grab a piece of paper, and write down 3 learner outcomes for a course you teach or dream of teaching some day. This is an exercise for self evaluation, but feel free to share your responses with us by replying to this email. We would love to hear from you! 👂
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See you in a fortnight! 👋🏼
Team howtocbc
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