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howtocbc Pulse: Market-Course-Teacher Fit 🎯of your CBC

howtocbc Pulse: Market-Course-Teacher Fit 🎯of your CBC
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Hello CBC Creator!
Welcome back 👋🏼
In today’s issue we dive deep into one of the most important but often overlooked aspect of CBC Design!

The top mistake Course creators make! 🙅🏽‍♂️
The earliest decision you’ll make as a first time Course Creator is 1️⃣ what are you going to teach and 2️⃣to whom. Not spending enough time testing and iterating on this key decision is one of the most common mistakes🥲 first time course creators end up making. 
While there’s tons of literature to help you figure out how to make your course🏋🏼‍♂️ and reach more students 👯‍♂️, there’s very little information out there to guide you through this critical decision.
However, if we are to contextualise this problem into the world of tech startups, this is a celebrated concept called ‘Product Market Fit’. To put in simple words, this is what it boils down to; 
Product Market Fit 101
Product Market Fit 101
The corollary of the above concept is; 
No matter how stellar the distribution and no matter how many dollars are thrown at it, if a product doesn’t solve a real pain point /  joy point for a group of people, it’s as good as dead from the beginning. The company will invariably die a slow death.
An online course can also be thought of as a product and can suffer the same fate, if the fundamentals are not thought through.
An online course built with the premise of ‘I’m good at XYZ, hence I’m going to make a course to teach people to do XYZ’ could be a course nobody wants to enrol in, from the get-go 😱
How can we navigate this problem as first time online course creators?
We’d like to help you address this problem using the framework of  ‘Market-Course-Teacher Fit🎯’, a framework that’s built using the same principles of ‘Product Market Fit’ 💪🏼
How to Apply the 'Market-Course-Teacher Fit🎯' framework?
Step 1: Identify a problem people are facing the world.
Across social media, discussion forums and via conversations with your network, what seems to be a problem that a significant number of  people are facing? What’s being repeatedly talked about? 🗣
When you list down the problems exhaustively, you may realise that some of them are in domains that you are alien to. Discard those problem statements and narrow down to those domains you have reasonable insight into 🤓
💡Pro-Tip: We recommend you time-box this activity⏳. Avoid letting this step or any of the following steps extend out over hours or days.
Example of a Problem Statement: There are a lot of people who are skilled at writing ✍🏼. Lot of them want to learn how to make money💵 by writing online. They do not know how to go about it.
Step 2: Come up with a Course Idea that can address this problem
What are the skills that an individual must acquire to effectively solve this problem? What are the broad topics they’ll have to learn?
Example: The writers will need to know the best practices that’ll help them identify and land paid💰writing opportunities.
Step 3: Reflect on whether you are the right person to teach this course 🧑🏽‍🏫
Even if you’ve been able to identify a clear market need and a course that solves the identified problem, it’ll involve a lot of introspection and reflection to figure out if you’re the right person to teach the particular course.
Example: Are you someone who has a successful history of having published articles in major publications and gotten paid for it? Do you have a portfolio and a public profile that clearly showcases your experience as a published writer? If not, you may not be the right teacher for this particular course👎🏼
Iterate upon the first 3 steps until your judgment deems them worthy enough to pursue. It’ll be ideal if you have 2/3 draft answers you feel compelled to test.
Step 4: Take it to the real world!
Once you have first drafts of the answers to the steps involved in figuring out Market-Course-Teacher Fit🎯, it makes sense to immediately test it out and gather feedback. 
Some of the next steps we recommend are 
  1. Announce a free 1 hour workshop 🏋🏼‍♂️ on Luma that covers one topic that’s relevant to your course.
  2. Announce🎙 on all your social media profiles that you’re planning to launch a course and collect emails of interested folks via a Tally form.
  3. Call 📞 10-20 of your relevant personal contacts and pitch the idea of the course. You’ll get first hand feedback and other valuable insights to iterate on your Market-Course-Teacher Fit🎯.
Along with early sign-ups, you’ll also land valuable feedback🤔 about your offering, further strengthening your Market-Course-Teacher Fit🎯.
Following the 4 steps mentioned above and iterating on them will ensure that you’re ‘Making something people want’.
Devoting time to iterate upon your Market-Course-Teacher Fit🎯 can save you months of time that might otherwise be spent going round in circles. 
What are the advantages of taking a structured approach toward Market-Course-Teacher Fit🎯 and why is the effort worth it, we outline in the next section.
Market-Course-Teacher Fit🎯 is good!
  • The exercise will ensure that you’re working on a course that will have real uptake. Spending months building curriculum for a course that nobody wants to take will be disheartening and costly💸!
  • The exercise will bring in a lot of clarity on the Learner Outcomes 🎯you should aim to build for w.r.t the course.
  • The exercise will ensure that you’ll end up playing to your personal strengths and help build your unique personal brand💃🕺🏻
It can get confusing! 🤷🏽‍♂️
Getting to a stage where you’re sure of yourself w.r.t the Market-Course-Teacher Fit🎯 of your first online course can be a confusing and frustrating exercise. It helps to know there are very few course creators out there who took their first courses live with a perfect score for Market-Course-Teacher Fit 🎯on day 1. It’s an iterative exercise that’s part science and part art. Attempting the exercise will ensure that you have enough clarity and structure to keep things sane but not so much that it becomes stifling.
We'd love to help!
At HowToCBC, we’re keen to help you figure out the Market-Course-Teacher Fit🎯 for your course. Just reply back to this email and we can help you fine tune the Market-Course-Teacher Fit🎯 of your course over a 30 minute 1:1🤙🏼 call 🤩. We’ll also tell you stories 🤓 about all the difficult conversations we navigated through, while figuring out our own ‘Market-Course-Teacher Fit🎯’ at HowToCBC
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