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Launching 'Pulse' from howtocbc
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Hello fellow CBC creator,
Welcome to our fortnightly newsletter howtocbc Pulse, where we share tried and tested tips, actionable insights and useful resources to help you in your journey of creating and delivering CBCs.
In this opening letter, we want to introduce ourselves and tell you why we are excited about CBCs!
What are Cohort Based Courses?
Online education has been around in a massive way (think MOOCs) for at least a decade now. But time has shown that when it comes to true learning outcomes for students, online education has simply not delivered on its promise.
This story is swiftly and surely turning around with the emergence and growth of online learning experiences that foster student communities through live and interactive sessions. This evolution of online learning as it becomes truly internet native has been captured by the catch-all phrase Cohort Based Courses.
What is howtocbc?
We’re a team of an educator and an edtech company founder. In the past decade we’ve learned a lot through our collective experience of teaching over 10,000 students at traditional schools and universities, and CBCs.
We believe CBCs are the format that can help teachers deliver optimum student outcomes and achieve true financial freedom in the process. 
At howtocbc, we’re on a mission to enable teachers to create their own premium CBCs. 
Come say Hi on Twitter: Aruna and Gautham
See you in your inbox soon! :)

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